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co-director of the nuclear risk reduction initiative and preventive defense project. please help me welcome our speaker this morning, former secretary of defense william perry. (applause) >> what a pleasure it is to be aboard this symbol of america's millery power, the uss macon island. what a pleasure it is to be among the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women of the first responders of the san francisco bay area. fleet week for many years in san francisco was a somewhat [inaudible] affair and it has been transformed into this great coming together by the military and the first responders, the great coming together of our uniformed personnel and a great [speaker not understood] of san francisco. this amazing transformation in the last few years was due primarily to the vision and the dedication of three people, george and charlotte schultz and mike myers. i'd like to pause to thank all three of them for this work. (applause) >> and in april of 1996, my last year as secretary of defense, i met one morning intelligence briefing at 7 o'clock along with general charli
institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] defense department ceremony honoring armor secretary of state hillary clinton. after that, the astronaut charles duke. on the next "washington journal" a political roundtable with david winston and steve mcmahon on issues facing congress, including the sequester and federal spending. then cybersecurity with larry clinton. also, north korea's nuclear program. "washington journal" live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> on thursday, defense secretary leon panetta hosted a ceremony honoring former secretary of state hillary clinton. this event includes remarks by joint chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey. this is 45 minutes. >> present.♪ [playing "star spangled banner"] >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, the 18th chairman of the joint chief of staff, general martin dempsey. [applause] >> secretaries, flag officers, our guests today from the department of state, happy valentine's day. [laughter] the lore of martyrdom says that saint valentine was martyred because he was marrying soldiers who were forbidden
this journey but he's the one pleading guilty as we speak. no bail yet for the blade runner but the defense scores points as new details emerge from the death of his model girlfriend. >>> this used to be the place to see and be seen in kansas city. today it is a smoldering ruin and a woman is still unaccounted for. >> we begin at this hour at the d.c. course where jesse jackson jr. son of the civil rights icon former congressman from chicago is pleading guilty to skimming, making shoveling money from his campaign kofers. we're talking $43,000 for a watch, furs and cashmere clothing. two hats worn by michael jackson, almost $10,000 for children's furniture and a football autographed by u.s. presidents. illegally diverted and due to be paid back. that's not all. lisa sylvester is outside the courthouse. we're talking about the possibility of jail time. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, the preceding are still going on as we speak. i just came out minutes ago. they are all inside the courthouse. he is in the process right now of pleading guilty. he faces one charge of conspiracy to commit ma
is it to have the president's pick for defense secretary block at this stage? guest: it has never happen before. a senate has never filibustered the president's pick for defense secretary. the most bizarre thing, and the thing that is most frustrating to people watching this outside washington, is that a former senator hagel is a former -- is a former republican. with 58 bouts, and the reason why it was 58 was because majority leader harry reid had to switch his vote to know to bring the vote back up again after the senate comes back from recess. you have a lot of republican senators who said as recently as last week that they did not want to see the choice filibuster. even if they wanted to vote no, he at least deserved an uptown vote to be approved. there was no precedent -- precedent to filibuster president's choice like this. the republicans decided they wanted to try to use this vote as a way to extract more information from the white house on the issues like the terrorist attack on benghazi in september. they submitted to passing hagel when they come back. it way you're looking at, is del
to pass. i hope there will be a new law that provides for better defense and even offense against the kinds of cyberattacks. >> we have been talking with connecticut's senior senator, richard blumenthal. still in his first term, this is live coverage of reaction to the president's state of the union address in statuary hall. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> as we continue our live coverage, getting reaction from members of congress to the president's state of the union address. you members of congress in the house, one of them defeated a well-known member, allen west. patrick purdy is a democrat from florida. congressman, your first state of the union. what's your impression, what is the issue that resonated with you? >> i'm very happy with the speech tonight. you know, i like working together, what we need is common sense solutions. we need to get away from the partisanship in our country. i'm glad the president talked about that quite a bit tonight. the overarching argument, the overarching theme that i li
where nato defense ministers including someone from the united states that we would hope would have been the secretary of defense would attend that meeting. today a couple of my republican colleagues said it doesn't matter, have somebody else attend. what does that do to our standing in the world community? we need a secretary of defense on the job. no one, no one knows, especially any united states senator, what foreign challenge will face this country perhaps within the next ten days. and it would be nice if we had a secretary of defense. there is nothing going to change in the next ten days about the qualifications of chuck hagel. i served with chuck hagel. he is a conservative republican representing the ultra liberal state of nebraska. he served with distinction in the united states senate as a senator, served on the foreign relations committee, armed services committee, intelligence committee. he's a man of quality, a man of courage. not just being able to come and give a speech here on the senate floor. during the vietnam war, he volunteered to go into combat. that's what he
want half the cuts to come from defense. no, we're going to do it. now the president doesn't want it because he's not interested in cutting. >> they both signed on to the agreement. i called it a backup backbone. but i agree with you on this, the cuts are not cuts, they're shaving off the growth of varies programs in the future so nothing is outright cut. in a $3.5 trillion budget, $82 billion is a joke. having said that, it's better than nothing. it's better than just letting this pass by. >> right. you know why it's better? the american people have said that the debt in our debt deficit is their biggest worry. pew research did a study and guess where the deficit and debt was with american people. number one. american people know what's good for the country but the president doesn't seem to. i think the sequester is a great start but i want your -- i want everybody to understand one thing. wrap your head around this. congress just voted to give all the states involved in hurricane sandy $60 billion. to what's $85 billion? it's not a lot of money. it's 10% toward the amount of mon
voted on defense secretary nomination of chuck hagel by approving the nomination in a partyline vote. 14 democrats and 11 republicans. before the vote, senators discuss the nominee and the reason for opposing or supporting his nomination. it begins with committee chairman karl levin. >> the committee meets today to consider the nomination of former senator chuck hagel to serve as the next secretary of defense. he -- we received the nomination through which the. we held a hearing 12 days ago. senator hagel has provided the personal and financial information required by the committee. he has received letters from the director of the office of government ethics, and the acting defense department general counsel. certifying that he meets the ethics and conflict of interest standards. he has responded to our advanced policy questions and/or and the questions for the record, for these reasons i believe the time has come for the committee to act on this nomination. senator hagel has received broad support from a wide array of senior statesman in defense foreign policy organizations. at our janu
, and apparently in rand paul's mind. that is who gets to vote to confirm the defense secretary, very troubled by this terrorist organization that he heard about in a chat room somewhere. don't feel so bad, rush, every country's got them, we just give them more power than most countries do. republicans filibustered chuck hagel's nomination yesterday, that has never happened before, no cabinet nominee has ever been blocked by a filibuster, we have been hit by meteors, but this was never done, now the senate is in recess, the confirmation will probably happen in a week and a half, unless of course we have to hear rand paul chair hearings on the birth certificate of the president, or something more compelling than us needing a defense secretary, than having 66,000 americans deployed in war. that does it for us. we'll see you back here monday, monday night for the premier of the documentary, "hubris, the selling of the iraq war". that does it for us. brand-new documentary, "hubris:selling the iraq war." good night. >>> cruising for a bruising. let's play hardball. >>> good evening. i'm chris matth
moment, the president of the united states needs a secretary of defense to provide that kind of perspective, and the men and women of the department of defense have to have the ability to have their voice heard decisively and definitively in those serious discussions, particularly about the deployment of military force. i am as i said, extremely confident he can do this. now, let me also say that i have -- i am impressed with those who have served our country in diplomatic and military roles that have endorsed chuck hagel strongly and enthusiastically. men and women who served in both democratic and republican administrations. among them, bob gates, william cohen, madeleine albright, bill perry, thomas pickering. these are women who have -- men and women who devoted themselves to protecting the united states. they've done it with extraordinary energy and effectiveliness. in this list of our secretaries defense that will rank as the best we've ever had. they have absolute confidence that chuck hagel can and should do this job. you have in this list ambassadors who have handled
rally vote rejected the president's choice to be next secretary of defense, senator hagel's bid is in limbo after senate republicans delayed his nomination. the former senator came up two votes short of the needed 60 to end debate on his nomination. the first time in history defense secretary nominee has been blocked by a filibuster, the white house and seen at leadership, -- senate leadership seemingly trying every gambit to win the required 60 votes, harry reid even went so far as to scare republicans into advances hagel's nomination. >> if is shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a fully empowered secretary of defense. considering all of the things we have going on the world. lou: gathering, curious, concerned and amused looks, we have a defense secretary, he is none other than. the soon to be outgoing defense secretary leon panetta who has fledged he will remain in the job until his successor is sworn to office. republicans chose to block hagel's confirmation until they get answers from the white house on the president's role and his action du
these matters than general odierno, who is a friend of brookings and the broader defense community for a long time, and he has been a distinguished servant in our nation's military and defense throughout that time. he took the fourth infantry division to iraq and presided over its operation, directed its operations in the first year of the iraq war. then he returned as the multinational force corps commander and was along with david petraeus and ryan crocker one of the key three american architects of the surge. from december 2006 through the early time of 2008, he was the person making the decisions on where the forces should go, how they should base themselves, how they should operate within the population, how they should interact with iraqi forces, all the detail behind the surge, that if you speak to general petraeus, he will say that is the crucial part of what made this whole thing work. general odierno was the primary architect. he got a few months off and went back to iraq, commanding the entire operation, where he did the job for two years and did not get any reprieve, because after
what, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, cut self-defense, can and conservative republicans says 5% across the board in domestic spending, not such a bad idea. >> and talking about defense cuts, john, these are cuts only in washington language. there will be increases in defense spending every year over the next ten years. but if the so-called sequestration goes through, they won't be as huge as they would have been without it. >> right. many agencies, including the pernt are not going to get as much an increase. most republicans want to protect the defense department. those are wrong and want to cut defense spending. this is the president crying wolf, they say. forgives the metaphor. but government agencies will have to do what every american family has had to do, make a piece of paper, list priorities, say how much money, list them first and pay for them until you're out of money. when the president says border patrol, first responders, then agencies can shift money around, and make sure those priorities can be met. so the question is will there be a temporary fix again, se quest
be redistributing the cuts so that defense is less hit. also have no dance partners. there is not going to be an agreement, we will hit sequester on march 1, it will take effect, and will happen is probably after the fact, people start working backwards and mitigating some of its effects. >> the only thing that would probably work is pain. when the campaign contributors are stuck in the airport lines for two hours, the pain will begin to be felt. it is an interesting thing -- the rubio speech, and lord knows the republicans had the obama speech an hour and a half or two hours before -- in some ways it was the ship passing and the night on the obama speech. he said the president proposed nothing on medicare, the president did propose something on medicare and in terms of cutting entitlements. there were things in this speech about reducing government costs. he also threw out a bunch of new programs that will cost more money and i don't think have the chance of a snowball in hell, i don't think he thinks that either. >> but he says that none of this will add a dime to the deficit, colby.
foot. >> what we need is not just nato on the conventional defense side, we need a nato alliance for economic statecraft. >> the problem is that it is an alliance that is largely sustained by american defense spending. (instrumental music) >> in a democracy, agreement is not essential, but participation is. >> never before in our history have we been so interconnected with the rest of the world. >> foreign policy is actually not foreign. >> america has faced great hardship before and each time we have risen to the challenge. >> the ultimate test is to move our society from where it is to where it has never been. >> join us as we explore today's most critical global issues, join us for great decisions. >> great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association, inspiring americans to learn more about the world. sponsorship of great decisions is provided by credit suisse, eni, the hurford foundation, and pricewaterhousecoopers llp. >> coming up next: joint strike: nato and the u.s. in the 21st century. (instrumental music) >> in washington the united states breaks a 170
from cabinet secretaries from homeland security, had, education and defense, and the white house budget controller. live coverage at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. today booktv features author stephen hess on his new book, what ever happened to the washington reporters. we will be live with the author from politics & prose bookstore in washington, d.c. >> after president-elect andrew jackson's wife died in the simpler 1840, her knees assumed the role of first lady. >> emily was perfect. for all the negatives washington had to say about andrew jackson, they loved emily. she sort of covered everything. the women all liked her, and as it was to happen, the women's opinions that meant more than people thought in washington, that she, emily, became his acting first lady. she entertained beautifully. she was polished. some people thought oh, she's rude and rustic from the country. she knew exactly how to do things. >> emily donelson, one of the women who served as first lady and c-span's new series, examined the public and private lives in a first of its kind project for television. season one
of the federal government, like preparing adequately for our national security and defense, and a number of other things that the federal government is involved in that are essential functions. but with the mandatory spending eating up in ten years 91% of all that we take in, we simply are not going to have the ability to pay for those programs. with 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, we know that this status quo is unsustainable. we cannot afford to continue the way we are. these programs are in jeopardy, programs are in jeopardy. we're not trying to take away the programs. we're trying to save the programs. they're in jeopardy, though, if we don't take steps now to restructure them in a way that will control costs and preserve benefits for current and future recipients. hardworking hoosiers and millions of americans have spent a lifetime paying into these programs and they rely on the health and security benefits that they receive from them. but these benefits will not last if we ignore the facts about the current fiscal status and insolvency that these programs are careening toward and do
the impacts of the continuing resolution and the impending sequester. for example, the department of defense has instituted hiring freezes, reduced or eliminated temporary or term employees and deferred facility maintenance and began postponing or canceling maintenance of ships, air and ground vehicles. they will also implement furloughs for most pleas, cut backs in flying hours and other military training and contracts. in addition, hundreds of investment programs, acquisition programs and research and development projects may become unexecuteable. even if many of the short term actions are still reversible if we act promptly they will have long-term costs. the longer congress postponed action the higher those costs will be. for example, the army informs us if sequestration continues through the end of the fiscal year, two-thirds of it brigade combat teams will fall below their acceptable levels. air force will experience decline in the air drop and refueling capability. the strike groups will not be ready for scheduled doe employments for later this year, resulting in negative impact on mo
, that you would block the defense secretary, and, allows the white house to say, this is creating instability. we have 66,000 troops still on the ground in afghanistan and need a defense secretary, secretary panetta is having to go to brussels this week, which was supposed to be the coming out party for senator hagel as defense secretary and they are taking on their own republican senators and i think if you count the votes now, they don't have the votes to block. >> chris: the votes to block but they've got -- >> had the votes to essentially have a filibuster and they say they will not filibuster but they don't have the votes at the end of next week to block hagel. >> chris: all right, but you talk about the information they want and you say they are moving the goal post, if you will. bob, as somebody who knows a little bit about cover-ups, are you a little surprised about the fact that we still don't know what the president was doing on the night of september 11th and we still don't know who he called, what he did, only talked about pentagon, defense secretary, once, that he nev
as part of a continuum. he has served in the v.a. as well as now in the defense department, and he will make sure that the transition from active service to reservist service is seamless, that veterans are provided with that transition assistance that they need for employment and education and health care. and that our national guard receives the respect and service it deserves. i'm convinced that senator hagel's number-one priority will be taking care of our troops. he is a veterans' advocate with the u.s.o. and he's won the respect and admiration of veterans' groups, in addition he's won the support of an extraordinary array of former secretaries of defense, ambassadors and diplomats, senior retired military leaders and in particular, two former members of this body who appeared with him at his testimony, former senators warren and nunn. i believe that chuck hagel is the right man for the challenges, the fiscal challenges that will confront the department of defense. put aside sequester, which i dearly hope will not happen, secretary panetta said it would be irresponsible for the
night will only further isolate them as we stand by our allies, strengthen our own missile defense and lead the world in taking firm action in response to these threats. >> obama said americans face another threat at home. he ran through a list of mass shootings. he said the attack in december at an elementary school in connecticut has changed the debate over gun control, and he asked democrats and republicans to put aside the rivalries that defined his first term in office. obama focused on matters that will affect americans' pocket books. he repeated the word "jobs" over and over. ryota yoshimura spent years in washington and is the chief analyst at the sumitomo shoji research institute. >> with regard to the economy, i think he laid out three basic points of all the things he said. number one being the reshoring of american manufacturing, that america being a magnate for new jobs. the second point was rebuilding the infrastructure. third point was quality education and training, equipping american people with the skills they need for 21st century jobs. and through those measures
. another success story is now the 18,000 strong afghan local police program. these community defense forces when coordinated with district level national police and afghan army forces are more and more effective in powering afghan communities to defend against taliban intimidation and violence. plans are being developed to increase the authorized size of the alp program from 30,000 to 45,000. the next centcom commander will also play an important role in shaping our enduring partnership with afghanistan after 2014. the partnership that i fully support. ike m. concerned however by the plants to reduce the afghan national security forces by a third starting in 2015. 352,000 to 230,000 by 2017. i believe that any future reductions in the size of the afghan forces should be based on security conditions in afghanistan at that time and this afghan security forces make and providing for their country security, we should reassure them that we will continue to support these efforts by deciding that as we withdraw our forces that there won't get drawdown and afghan forces. progress in afghanistan rem
bills last year that would deal with it by redistributing the cuts so that defense is less hit that also have no dance partners. there is not going to be an agreement. we will hit sequester on march 1, it will take effect, and after the fact, people will start working backwards and mitigating some of the effects. >> the only thing that probably works is pain. when all of the campaign contribute to both parties are stuck in the airport line for two hours, the pain will begin to be felt. it is an interesting thing, the rubio speech. republicans had the obama speech an hour and half or two hours before. it was in some ways the ship passing in the night with the obama speech. but the president did propose something on medicare with entitlements. there were things in the president's speech about reducing government costs. he threw out a bunch of new programs that don't have the chance of a snowball in hell. >> but he said that none of this stuff will add a dime to the deficit. how can he make that claim? >> the state of the union -- you used to watch these things to hear what the president ha
't be barack obama's defense chief because he can't agree with the war. president obama and chuck hagel agree on so many things they're actually friends. they have a positive view about the same things in the world. i think the president is sticking his neck out for this guy because he really wants him to be his defense chief that and somebody pointed out to me that mccain said he made the statement back when he was a republican, as if he's no longer a republican because he dares to agree with the guy hiring him to be the defense chief. >> dwight eisenhower wasn't a republican either because he wasn't a hawk. he took the heat for that because he was a guy who knew what's going on with the war. >> you're not officially a republican if you don't want to bomb iran. john mccain put it out there and said, basically, you know what? he was mean to president bush, he criticized the iraq war. his fellow members of the senate thought he was not a fellow republican. that's rich from john mccain who made it hit life's work to oppose him. >> is that chuck hagel who fathered a child and his wife who was a
to take a vote that's likely to delay the confirmation of a much-needed secretary of defense for this country, a country, by the way, that's still at war, and we'll bring you that live. but first, we take you on an exclusive tour of wayne lapierre's new york. that's right. this is how the nra's chief executive describes the city of new york today in an opinion piece published on the daily caller beb site. after hurricane sandy, he writes, we saw the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia. looters ran wild in south brooklyn, and if you wanted to walk several miles to get supplies, you better get back before dark or you might not get home at all. yes. while nobody in this city recognizes that bogus, racist, and entirely mythical description of new york during the hurricane, mr. lapierre says ordinary americans are now at the mercy of everything from marauding latino gangs to urban thugs and drug dealers and woe to him who cannot defend himself and his property. >> upstairs. >> get the women upstairs! >> yes, mr. lapierre tells us that it is apocalypse no
, and we need a secretary of defense. >> it's just unfortunate that this kind of politics intrudes at a time when i'm still presiding over a war in afghanistan, and i need a secretary of defense who is coordinating with our allies to make sure that our troops are getting the kind of strategy and mission that they deserve. >> republicans once standard bearers on defense now seem content to be the party of obstruction and vendettas. governor rendell, i think this is a low point, i mean, a real significant low point in temz of how our government works, but you and i were speaking before the break, and you said this crisis probably could have been averted. >> sure. i think the dysfunctionality is in part to blame for, you democrats. we had a chance to make serious reform on the filibuster process, and we took a walk on it. we passed some things that didn't amount to anything. we had a real chance to put a crimp into the dysfunctionalty, and we didn't do it, but i also say, alex, i have no clue what the republican party is doing about anything. about guns, about this. they seem to be hu
should do and priority number one is to provide for the common defense. host: leon panetta has 1 foot out the door but the white house says he is not leaving yet as we await what will happen in the senate with the chuck hagel confirmation process. do you want to see that move forward? guest: i think there are real problems that lie ahead for chuck hagel in this confirmation process and people are uncomfortable with some of his past statements. i know he is the president's choice but i am not so certain that it will happen. host: are you concerned about having a defense secretary in place? you said you'd like to see some of the defense cuts haeded off? guest: i think everyone has concerns with that and they want to make sure the pentagon and military posts have strong seasoned leadership teams. regardless of having the secretary or not having one is a portent concern. -- a point of concern. you have a good strong team that will be able to manage through this process. they have seen this coming. as you would expect the military to do, they are prepared. host: new hampshire, and the pennant
the nomination of a defense secretary. so we are in a war, and we have nobody running the pentagon. thank you, republicans. and meetteorites strike a town in russia's ural mountains. let's get the update from lisa ferguson standing buy out in los angeles. >> hey, bill good morning, everyone. president obama is on the road but first off he is hosting the italian president who is ending his term in. this will serve as a fairrewell. he will speak at hyde park academy about his state of the union address and his plans to strengthen the middle class. he is spending time until palm city, florida. the president is pushing his plan for universal pre-school this week. but that could run into road blocks thanks to republican lawmakers who say early learning programs are not effective. >> that's despite an increasing amount of evidence on the benefits of childhood education programs, including higher high school graduation rates and reduced teen pregnancy and crime. some research actually suggests every single dollar invested in pre-kinder garden programs saves $7 down th
, followed up by the budget control act which directed another $487 billion worth of cuts in our defense spending. we are now just beginning to implement that almost $800 billion worth of cuts now. we have not quite seeing those that. we have just begun to see the impacts. on top of that, with sequestration, we will take an additional $500 billion worth of cuts in the department of defense, so we're now up to $1.2 trillion worth of cuts since 2010. this does not include the reduction in our spending of overseas contingency accounts, which also now has to be -- some of it will have to be woven into our base budget, such as ied detection equipment, which will cause another shortfall in the department of defense as we migrate these programs that we know we need in the future. trillion up to $1.3 worth of cuts, which we will have to find in the department of defense. this is significant. people often say afterward we have a reduction that is normal, in the army. since 2008, if we implement the 2014 budget without sequestration, it will be a 45% reduction in the army budget. if we implement
up in the senate taking pot shots at the president, trying to bring down his defense chief, nasty they have nothing good to say for the country, nasty words to spew about the people running it or hoping to. john mccain who served the country admirbly has become an angry fellow taking an occasional break to see who is he, enough of this when his allies get out of hand. ted cruz starts attacking the loyalty of america, of one of mccain's fellow vets. the viciousness is something we haven't seen before because of its combination of mccarthyism and weird unconnectedness, attacking chuck hagel because no one will give info about the benghazi situation, even though hagel wasn't even in the government when benghazi happened. sick stuff. seems to be growing. the better he looks the worst these characters, inhofe, cruz and lindsey graham are determined to look. notice the smile on john boehner's face sitting behind the president at the state of the union. if you did you're imagining things. so afraid of the hard hating right are republicans these days of every stripe even boehner's scared
runner oscar pistorius turns into a preview of his murder trial. emma hurd on how the defense tried to tear apart the prosecution's case. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. good evening. under the law, donations to a political campaign must be spent on the campaign. but today jesse jackson, jr., pleaded guilty to spending $750,000 of his donors' money on a lavish life-style. federal prosecutors say the looting began seven years ago, nearly half the time jackson has represented his chicago district in congress. jackson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to make false statements in his campaign finance reports, mail fraud, and wire fraud. jackson's wife pleaded guilty to filing false income tax reports. the former congressman is the son of jesse jackson. he was born in 1965 on the very same month that his fatherd from selma to montgomery with martin luther king, jr. today jackson, jr., told the judge "i have misled the american people." here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: jesse jackson, jr., entered the courthouse quickly and then struggled with his
as a minority to block president barack obama from appointing his chosen secretary of defense. this has never happened before to anyone ever. i mean, we have had cabinet nominees not make it through the senate confirmation process before. people who could not win over a majority of the senate. so they did not get confirmed. we've had that happen. we've had plenty of people pull their name from contention when it became clear that they couldn't win a majority vote, that they could not win confirmation in the senate. but president obama's nominee for defense secretary, chuck hagel, he does have majority support in the senate. what happened today is that a minority of that body, the republicans, decided that they were going to block him anyway. never happened before. they filibustered a cabinet nomination. in the past over the years there have been a couple of token efforts at maybe doing this in the past, that got a handful of votes, didn't actually slow down or stop anything. but the minority actually blocking the nomination, that is a whole new thing. this is a fresh hell in american politics
defense. it has been well heard and well spoken. we look toward to hearing from you, secretary napolitano. in the u.s. military, military, those who wear the uniform, will be protected in the sequester, and they should. there are others that need to be protected. what is the impact of them? and also the future of the country, the ability to -- the middle class. this is where secretary donovan, we want to talk to about housing and the economy. what is it that we need to do? you hold the future of america in your hands. we went to innovate, but first we have to outeducate. we want to hear about the impacts of sequester for educational reform. i believe we will run to view with destiny. we must solve this problem. i do not think the american people quite understand the impacts were sequester mandates and $85 billion cut that is equally shared by defense and by domestics. you are a national security secretary napolitano. layoffs and services not delivered to the american people -- i have to cope with my members here on the issue of the fiscal cliff. also, the issues of implementing homeland s
for defense secretary for the first time ever. they are demanding more information about the nominee, former senator chuck hagel, and about the benghazi terror attack. joining me now, one of the senators leading the charge, republican lindsay graham, of south carolina. senator, you were telling me just before we went on the air that you just got new information about chuck hagel. what is it? >> well, on the day of the vote, there was a blog posting about a speech i think in 2007 or 2008 he made at rutgers university and the blogger was a supporter of senator hagel and put on his blog, 6 points of the speech, question-and-answer session and point 6 was allegedly senator hagel said that the u.s. state department was an adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office, which i think would be breath taking if he said that, had such a view and i got a letter back from senator hagel, in response to my question, did you say that and do you believe that, and, the letter says he did not recall saying that and disavowed that statement. >> chris: is that enough for you? >> well if that is true, that wo
charges he killed his girlfriend. two witnesses claimed they heard nonstops out in. the defense quickly called the account into question. -- they heard nonstop fighting. >> back in court to fight for bail, oscar pistorius arriving for a day of evidence and heated argument. the apparel and they athlete is still struggling to control his -- the athlete is still struggling to control his emotions. on the screen, the first detailed plan we have seen of the crime scene itself. the detective revealed he had two witnesses who reported hearing a long, loud argument in the house before the shooting, and no one witness was hundreds of meters away and could not identify -- and one witness was hundreds of meters away and could not identify the voices. police say they found testosterone drugs and needles. the defense says it was an herbal remedy. they are still carrying out tests. post-mortem showed he had an empty bladder. there were no signs of assault or wounds on her. pistorius fired four shots through the door. she says the angle of the violence and just as not approved he had his artificial le
to hide from the glare of the cameras. oscar pistorius' defense team rainfalls. their task so get him bail and persuade the judge that there were exceptional circumstances. inside the courtroom his family was there to support him on this, the second day of a hearing that feels more like a mini trial. oscar pistorius insists he is not guilty of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend last week, that it was a terrible accident. in court he is a tormented figure frequently breaking down in tears after he heard how his girlfriend had been hit by burlts in the bullets. the chief investigating officer says needles and testosterone were found at his house although the defense says it was an herbal remedy. to be looked him at as a flight threat. the police say she was in a locked toilet and the angle at which the shots were fired through the door suggested the gun had been deliberately aimed at someone on the toiled. on the toilet. he said yesterday he and his girlfriend had been in bed and he woke up and heard a noise in the bathroom and it was pitch dark and he didn't have his felt etic legs
-boyfriend takes the stand in her own defense. jodi arias set to testify for a 7th day now. the defendant telling jurors yesterday that the victim, travis alexander, abused her and repeatedly lied to her. harris faulkner has more from the breaking news desk. harris? >> reporter: jon, this story has taken so many twists and turns. people expressed the fact they find it hard to believe there could be these two different people living inside one person which is what the defense for jodi arias is trying to show. they will get back in the courtroom today as you just mentioned. what they're doing to trying to tear down the victim travis alexander through jodi arias showing they had a contentious relationship yet she craved him. he was of an addictive nature. i want to read a little bit what she said to jurors this week. he was very nice to me. he was complimentary. he would say nice things even when they were explicit they were complimentary toward me. there were times he was mean and i would be nice and he would be nice and i craved the nice from him. it was very sexually explicit in this courtroom. v
for defense is secretary for the first time ever. they are demanding more information about the nominee former senator chuck hagel and about the benghazi terror attack. joining me now one of the senators leading the charge, republican lindsey graham of south carolina. you were telling me before we went on the air that you have gotten new information about chuck hagel. what is it? >> on the day of the vote there was a blog posting about a speech i think in 2007 or 2008 that chuck hagel made at rutgers university and the blogger was a supporter of senator hagel who was thinking about running for president and he put on his blog the next day 6 points of the speech question and answer is session and point six was allegedly senator hagel said that the u.s. state department was an adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office which i think would be breathtaking if he said that to have such a view. i got a letter back from senator hagel in response to my question did you say that and do you believe that and the letter said he did not recall saying that and he disavows that statement. >> chris: is
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